Creating an Account

Create a Dell My Account login

To participate in the Dell Community you must register. If you do not have a Dell My Account simply click the Join hyperlink at the top of the page to create your Dell My Account.


The sign-in/registration page displays. To create an account click "Create Account."


To create an Dell My Account and join this site you must provide the following information.

  • Your name
  • Email address -  Your email address. This must be in a valid email address format and should be an account that you actively use. Using a false email address will prevent you from gaining some of the benefits of this community. The email address you use here will only be visible to yourself within the community. If you are concerned about providing a correct email address and possible misuse then you can view Dell's privacy policy.
  • Create a password - The password is case sensitive and must contain one number. This should be something memorable to you.

Fill in your information and click Create Account.

Once you have created your Dell My Account email and password you will see the screen below. You will have two options

  1. One asking for your Dell Community user name
  2. The other asking to create a Community user account.

Because you do not have a community user name yet click on "Create Account." This will take you to a screen that will allow you to create a Community User name.

You will be asked to enter a Community User name of your choice. (Please do not use your email address. This user name will appear on all your posts and posting your email address is a TOU violation).

  1. Enter your birthday
  2. Place a check in the "I accept the Community Terms of Service"
  3. Then click "Join the Dell Community"

You will be taken to the next screen

When you click the "Go to Dell Community" button you will go to the community and see a notification asking you to go to your email for the verification link.

You should now go to your email and look for a verification email from Dell Community. In the email there will be a verification link this will activate your user name and you will be able to post on the Dell Community.